What do you do while eat­ing?

Sit down with your plate on your table, smell and taste all the nuances of your food, take one bite at a time, chew slow­ly and real­ly enjoy this whole process?

Yea right.

Thank god we have so many dis­trac­tions handy so we don´t actu­al­ly have to go through that.

Our brain doesn´t want to sit still and basi­cal­ly do noth­ing.
— Espe­cial­ly when it´s used to get fed by con­stant stim­u­lus through our mobile devices…all the time.

Even while eat­ing. Even dur­ing a cof­fee date with a friend (which is more than sad). But even sit­ting in the train and sim­ply look­ing out­side the win­dow (or read­ing a book god for­bid!), is smth you hard­ly see any­more.

This past week­end my lit­tle cousin who´s 16 years old (and has no social media by choice) told me how he has dif­fi­cul­ty inter­act­ing with his school­mates or peo­ple his age in gen­er­al.
They are CONSTANTLY on their phone he said and it seems that he´s bestfriend´s girl­friend has a deep­er rela­tion­ship with her insta­gram account than with the guy she´s with.

I think we real­ly under­es­ti­mate how teens nowa­days are effect­ed by these tech­no­log­i­cal changes, par­tic­u­lar­ly in the past decade.

But we all can relate to some degree…

A time gap in your day?
You reach to your phone.

Don´t wan­na deal with your to-do list right now?
Oh why not check your emails one more time.

Actu­al­ly planned on going to the gym?
Just one more scroll over insta­gram.

Feel­ing stuck with a dif­fi­cult task?
Yep, take your break and make sure you are updat­ed on aall your favourite web pages. For the 8th time of your day.

We all know that feel­ing when we spent too much time on the inter­net when actu­al­ly all we did is pro­cras­ti­nat­ing.
And although nowa­days we have more options and more oppor­tu­ni­ties to learn new things, meet new peo­ple and go on crazy adven­tures — basi­cal­ly to just DO stuff…
..it seems like we waste more time than ever.

The evo­lu­tion of tech­nol­o­gy has brought us to a point where we actu­al­ly need to force our­selves to take a step back — before we get so con­sumed, that liv­ing like a human machine becomes a norm.
(And who knows how the future will look like…“some peo­ple“ out there are per­haps slow­ly adapt­ing us to that real­i­ty..).

And since all these apps and social media chan­nels play around with our psy­chol­o­gy, it´s hard to resist their temp­ta­tion.

They con­trol our emo­tions aka US. Through a small screen.

Any time we pick up our phone we get a small rush of dopamine. Some­thing new, excit­ing and unpre­dictable is always around the cor­ner and that antic­i­pa­tion makes us want it more.
Social Media, cig­a­rettes, alco­hol, food, drugs, COFFEE bla bla bla – Any­thing that releas­es one or both of these two chem­i­cals, dopamine and oxy­tocin, has the pow­er over how we feel and act.

They are tru­ly a bless­ing and curse at the same time.


Know­ing that, you can make it to your advan­tage.
Or dis­ad­van­tage.

Like I said before, we need to put an extra effort into not let­ting these devices con­sume us too much, oth­er­wise it gets hard­er and hard­er to dis­en­gage, even for a cou­ple of hours.

Because one day, who knows, your body con­fus­es real human con­nec­tion with grab­bing your phone and klick­ing and swip­ing and tex­ting in order to sat­is­fy this human need.
And in this process we slow­ly for­get what liv­ing a human life actu­al­ly feels like.

Just like we don´t know the real taste of an apple any­more.

So yea…being more „con­nect­ed“ than ever leads to los­ing con­nec­tion to our­selves and oth­ers and we are not even aware of it.

Now what?

Seems like the solu­tion lies in the oppo­site:

dis­con­nect in order to con­nect.

Prac­tise how being con­nect­ed (to your­self and oth­ers) actu­al­ly feels like. And do that more often.

Start by leav­ing all tech devices aside while eat­ing and actu­al­ly con­nect with the food on your plate.

If you are not used to it..

..your body will prob­a­bly be veeery con­fused and per­ceive it as feel­ing dis­con­nect­ed.

When in fact, detach­ing is the first step to re-con­nec­tion.

So go…connect with your broc­coli.

I lost my phone.

Yep. It went off and decid­ed to con­tin­ue life with­out me.

Bad decision…cos it returned back to me after (appear­ent­ly) going for a swim.

Where the heck did I lose it and why was is then so unfix­able wet on the inside?

Well, lets go back to that fri­day night..

At that beach­bar.

Theme? open air dis­co or in oth­er words:
silent dis­co.

For those who don´t know…it´s a dis­co, that´s com­plete­ly silent.

Well, until you put your head­phones on.

Theeen you sim­ply nev­er wan­na take them off ever again.

And if you won­dered… yep every­one can hear your „singing along“ when they take off their head­phones.

So don´t.

pleace don´t.

You know that sound when some­one scratch­es their nails down a chalk­board?

Yea…it´s that bad..

you know what´s worse?

When you hear your­self the next day on that freakin long video your friend took of every­one.

Impos­si­ble to watch it with­out turn­ing the vol­ume down to ‑10.

But yea, at least every­one sucks pret­ty much the same at singing aka scream­ing to a song.

As long as every­one keeps their head­phones on… you´re fine.

How­ev­er it´s nev­er a guran­tee, includ­ing all the strangers around you, sooo….
Any­thing left to do is not car­ing how stu­pid you might look and sound.

Silent dis­co or Scream­ing dis­co. The only chan­nel you should not lis­ten to.

So back to my phone.

I real­ly won­der…
Who the hell puts their nowa­days immen­siv­ley big smart­phones in their back jeans pock­et?

I´m not talk­ing about you guys…your pants pock­ets are like dou­ble the size of ours.
Girls jeans pock­ets are just not made for stor­age pur­pos­es. They are sore­ly here so you can squeeze in three of your fin­gers, in order to let your arm rest for a minute (and look cool doing so).

So of course my phone would be sit­ting in their, half in half out, fear­ing it could slip out any moment.

Well and that´s where my the­o­ry of „how I lost my phone“ starts….

A: It either just fell out and dropped into the sand – some­one found it, dumped it in water and gave it to a bar­tender, because he has no use for any­thing less than an iphone-like smart­phone.


B: I went to the bath­room, put my phone „safe­ly“ on the toi­let next to the flush and for­got it their (because in my pants pock­et it could fall out — what an irony..)
Slow­ly but sure­ly it, of course, found its way into the toi­let sink, who knows for how long, until it got dis­cov­ered by the clean­ing lady who brought it to a bar­tender. Because again…no use for an old phone, plus… it came out of a TOILET.


C: I lost it some­how some­where, some­one found it, brought it to the bar and THERE it some­how got heav­i­ly drunk on water.
(yea all those some­hows real­ly are based on sol­id assump­tions).


we all know this feel­ing when we realize….shit where is my phone..

For a moment you don´t accept the fact that it might be gone for­ev­er and you think about all the pic­tures and notes you haven´t saved and all the oth­er back­up shit you should have done but haven´t.
And now you also have to buy a new one with the mon­ey you don´t have..

This lit­tle device car­ries so many things for you, remem­bers them and saves them for you, and he, I mean it.. also acts as a lit­tle guide and con­nec­tor.

Ask your­self: What is the one thing you spend most time with..?

And lets include eeverything/one into that ques­tion.

I bet some kind of tech­ni­cal device tops on place one or two..

Actu­al­ly it´s sad to think about it, but at the end of the day, if you add it all up….you prob­a­bly inter­act more with your phone than you do with the per­son you actu­al­ly spend most time with.
Even more sad..we find our­selves doing it simul­ta­ne­ous­ly more often than we think..

Ok cou­ples out there, prove me wrong.

The fun­ny part about my whole phone los­ing thing is…I actu­al­ly told my sis­ter that day that I don´t want my phone any­more, I need a new one.
And it was not the first time I said it (so be care­ful what you wish for).

I mean, I couldn´t even make impor­tant updates any­more, because of my severe lack of stor­age space — for moonths! So that sucked.
And I also wasn´t able to trans­fer my pic­tures onto my lap­top any­more. That reeeal­ly sucked.

So…I guess, my phone knew it was time to break up (by break­ing itself.).

Whether or not it end­ed up in a toi­let..

nev­er deposit your phone any­where near one.
and don´t run and dance around with it in your pants pock­et. high risk of los­ing it..whether or not you are drunk.

but espe­cial­ly when you are drunk.

so don´t drink.

I don´t like my con­clu­sion.