It will look for you, It will find you, and…

It´s no secret that the coolest things hap­pen in the most unex­pect­ed ways. Pret­ty much always.

I mean, if you knew — before you entered that library on a Mon­day morn­ing to just browse around and enjoy some alone time — that you will meet the man of your dreams; you would – of course – have washed your hair. Or put on some mas­cara, or at least checked your fin­ger­nails for god’s sake! Nope, this doesn´t hap­pen in real life. Some­times life just doesn´t care if you are “pre­pared”.


Well sim­ply because, if you are tru­ly open (for what­ev­er expe­ri­ence you wish for) and don´t stress about it…it will come at some point! It will look for you, it will find you and it will kill …..all “non-believ­erism” in you.

Ok, so what am I talk­ing about here? Well, it all start­ed about 9 months ago, on June 30, 2015. The date is real­ly not that impor­tant, but it just makes it sound much more exciting;)

Ok so, back then, Muse the band had released their new album Drones just a cou­ple of weeks ago and I´ve always loved their music (no expla­na­tion need­ed). So while I was sit­ting in the car and lis­ten­ing to the radio, I heard about, them giv­ing an exclu­sive show here in Cologne for only like 600 peo­ple and one per­son would be giv­en the chance to win one of the very last tick­ets available.

I was IN! I mean, I was obsessed with win­ning this last fuck­ing tick­et! All I had to do was lis­ten to this radio chan­nel non-stop and as soon as a song of them was being played I had to call this one num­ber faster than all the oth­er thou­sands of peo­ple try­ing to get through, and name that song.

Easy right?                                                                                                                             Well, this evening I had plans to hang out with some peo­ple in a bar.

First of all,                                                                                                                                I came too late.

Sec­ond,                                                                                                                                     I sat there with my earplugs, check­ing if the next song is a Muse song.

Third,                                                                                                                                         I was con­stant­ly writ­ing with my sib­lings, forc­ing them to lis­ten to the radio chan­nel as well, and then write me imme­di­ate­ly as soon as a Muse song was on, in case I missed it.

Basi­cal­ly my adren­a­lin lev­el was so high, I can´t remem­ber hav­ing drank my “Spritzer” in more than just one sip.

The moment came, I kind of was involved in con­ver­sa­tions, but not real­ly, and sud­den­ly I read “resis­tance, resis­tance!” in my what­sapp. I freaked out! “Dial that fuck­ing nuu­um­mm­ber”, I told myself.


“This num­ber is not available”



I dialed again, maybe I was so ner­vous I con­fused a 4 with a …..

…a wrong number.


How was that even pos­si­ble?? I went on the web­site to check it again. And there it was….

the right number.

I have no idea how I got to save this ran­dom suc­ces­sion of num­bers in my phone, which end­ed up being my most hat­ed num­ber ever. I think it was from anoth­er song guess­ing win­ning game from the year 2014.

So yea that was that. I was so dis­ap­point­ed. I couldn´t believe it. I had been think­ing about this all day long, believ­ing that this must and this will hap­pen!! That I WILL go to this fuck­ing exclu­sive con­cert!! But at the end my very own mis­take hin­dered my poten­tial luck.

I don´t know how I got so emo­tion­al­ly attached to the idea or the wish to go there, but it just hap­pened to be that way.

Well after that, I was check­ing what cities Muse would head out next (not that I was able to afford any of these trips or tick­ets, but you know….just checking).

Fast-for­ward a cou­ple of days ago:  s o m e w h e r e my eyes got the atten­tion of the let­ters,” MUSE is per­form­ing this Sun­day, March 6 here in Cologne!” This time, big time.

20.000 fans would dash this huge are­na. Unfor­tu­nate­ly with­out me. From 75 Euro upwards…well yea……I guess I accept­ed my mis­for­tune. That was not in my league as much as I want­ed to. So I for­got about it as fast as I read about it.

March 06, 2016: I was sit­ting in a café/hostel while work­ing on some stuff on my lap­top. I sat next to a girl who was work­ing on stuff too.

15 min­utes lat­er the waitress/receptionist came and start­ed talk­ing with her regard­ing some orga­ni­za­tion­al stuff – in English.

  • “I´m leav­ing soon and I´m com­ing back at 6 pm and then leav­ing again for a con­cert, so I won´t be back until around mid­night I think”, the girl said.
  • “Oh cool, what con­cert are you going to?” the wait­ress asked (note: in Cologne we get per­son­al very quickly).

I kind of over­heard most of it, but for sure my ears got 3 times big­ger when the girl said.

  • “Muse”

Now I didn´t pre­tend to not lis­ten any­more, I raised my head from my screen and looked at both of them while fol­low­ing their conversation.

Not much longer my voice want­ed to raise as well, so I kind of told my sto­ry from last year´s attempt to get a free ticket.

A lit­tle “cool” here and “have fun” there, the wait­ress left and after a sec­ond of silence I con­tin­ued talk­ing, since the way she got her tick­et is pret­ty cool.

She just recent­ly got this app that shows you when your friends hap­pen to be locat­ed right where you are. Well, an Amer­i­can friend (she´s from Nor­way btw) mes­saged her, since she showed up on his app!

To make an already long sto­ry short, he basi­cal­ly works for the band in engi­neer­ing or con­struc­tion or some­thing like that and got her a free ticket.

Pret­ty cool I thought…

But that´s it, we didn´t talk for too long and went back to our work, me of course, dream­ing about how cool it would be if her friend could get me a tick­et as well.

Well you prob­a­bly guessed it by now. Two hours lat­er, when I packed my stuff and was just about to say bye, she said: “So you real­ly would like to go to that con­cert as well?”

“Ah duh, hell yes!”

So I gave her my num­ber, my email, my face­book, every­thing, so I would def­i­nite­ly not miss her mes­sage telling me her friend got a sec­ond ticket.


Well, and he got one.

At some point I didn´t believe that this is actu­al­ly hap­pen­ing, but as soon as I entered the are­na, I felt a flush of “shiit…..this is real­ly happening.”


These moments, as small as they may appear, are price­less. These unex­pect­ed things hap­pen­ing to us are a result of believ­ing that you can have it too. And that some­thing out there, call it what­ev­er you want, has actu­al­ly fun mak­ing peo­ple go: ”shi­it” or “fuuck” ….all in a pos­i­tive way of course.

I mean why not? Just believe it for no rea­son but for mak­ing life more fun.

And my Muse exam­ple shows, how these things usu­al­ly hap­pen in the most unex­pect­ed ways. And some­times even a year later….

But if the ener­gy you had in the first place (remem­ber how crazy I went the year before?) still exists inside you, the expe­ri­ence will find its way to you, be it tomor­row or in 3 years.

So go ahead, dream, believe it for fun, for the why not, for mak­ing life more rich. Or just make a bet with yourself.

And let life sur­prise you. What­ev­er comes out eventually.


If you´ll excuse me now, I have to make a bet with myself that I´ll hang out with Leonar­do DiCaprio at a pri­vate Yacht Par­ty, drink­ing a good glass of cham­pagne.     Or beer…actually I´d pre­fer beer with him.



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