It will look for you, It will find you, and…

It´s no secret that the coolest things happen in the most unexpected ways. Pretty much always.

I mean, if you knew – before you entered that library on a Monday morning to just browse around and enjoy some alone time – that you will meet the man of your dreams; you would – of course – have washed your hair. Or put on some mascara, or at least checked your fingernails for god’s sake! Nope, this doesn´t happen in real life. Sometimes life just doesn´t care if you are “prepared”.


Well simply because, if you are truly open (for whatever experience you wish for) and don´t stress about it…it will come at some point! It will look for you, it will find you and it will kill …..all “non-believerism” in you.

Ok, so what am I talking about here? Well, it all started about 9 months ago, on June 30, 2015. The date is really not that important, but it just makes it sound much more exciting;)

Ok so, back then, Muse the band had released their new album Drones just a couple of weeks ago and I´ve always loved their music (no explanation needed). So while I was sitting in the car and listening to the radio, I heard about, them giving an exclusive show here in Cologne for only like 600 people and one person would be given the chance to win one of the very last tickets available.

I was IN! I mean, I was obsessed with winning this last fucking ticket! All I had to do was listen to this radio channel non-stop and as soon as a song of them was being played I had to call this one number faster than all the other thousands of people trying to get through, and name that song.

Easy right?                                                                                                                             Well, this evening I had plans to hang out with some people in a bar.

First of all,                                                                                                                                I came too late.

Second,                                                                                                                                     I sat there with my earplugs, checking if the next song is a Muse song.

Third,                                                                                                                                         I was constantly writing with my siblings, forcing them to listen to the radio channel as well, and then write me immediately as soon as a Muse song was on, in case I missed it.

Basically my adrenalin level was so high, I can´t remember having drank my “Spritzer” in more than just one sip.

The moment came, I kind of was involved in conversations, but not really, and suddenly I read “resistance, resistance!” in my whatsapp. I freaked out! “Dial that fucking nuuummmber”, I told myself.


“This number is not available”



I dialed again, maybe I was so nervous I confused a 4 with a …..

…a wrong number.


How was that even possible?? I went on the website to check it again. And there it was….

the right number.

I have no idea how I got to save this random succession of numbers in my phone, which ended up being my most hated number ever. I think it was from another song guessing winning game from the year 2014.

So yea that was that. I was so disappointed. I couldn´t believe it. I had been thinking about this all day long, believing that this must and this will happen!! That I WILL go to this fucking exclusive concert!! But at the end my very own mistake hindered my potential luck.

I don´t know how I got so emotionally attached to the idea or the wish to go there, but it just happened to be that way.

Well after that, I was checking what cities Muse would head out next (not that I was able to afford any of these trips or tickets, but you know….just checking).

Fast-forward a couple of days ago:  s o m e w h e r e my eyes got the attention of the letters,” MUSE is performing this Sunday, March 6 here in Cologne!” This time, big time.

20.000 fans would dash this huge arena. Unfortunately without me. From 75 Euro upwards…well yea……I guess I accepted my misfortune. That was not in my league as much as I wanted to. So I forgot about it as fast as I read about it.

March 06, 2016: I was sitting in a café/hostel while working on some stuff on my laptop. I sat next to a girl who was working on stuff too.

15 minutes later the waitress/receptionist came and started talking with her regarding some organizational stuff – in English.

  • “I´m leaving soon and I´m coming back at 6 pm and then leaving again for a concert, so I won´t be back until around midnight I think”, the girl said.
  • “Oh cool, what concert are you going to?” the waitress asked (note: in Cologne we get personal very quickly).

I kind of overheard most of it, but for sure my ears got 3 times bigger when the girl said.

  • “Muse”

Now I didn´t pretend to not listen anymore, I raised my head from my screen and looked at both of them while following their conversation.

Not much longer my voice wanted to raise as well, so I kind of told my story from last year´s attempt to get a free ticket.

A little “cool” here and “have fun” there, the waitress left and after a second of silence I continued talking, since the way she got her ticket is pretty cool.

She just recently got this app that shows you when your friends happen to be located right where you are. Well, an American friend (she´s from Norway btw) messaged her, since she showed up on his app!

To make an already long story short, he basically works for the band in engineering or construction or something like that and got her a free ticket.

Pretty cool I thought…

But that´s it, we didn´t talk for too long and went back to our work, me of course, dreaming about how cool it would be if her friend could get me a ticket as well.

Well you probably guessed it by now. Two hours later, when I packed my stuff and was just about to say bye, she said: “So you really would like to go to that concert as well?”

“Ah duh, hell yes!”

So I gave her my number, my email, my facebook, everything, so I would definitely not miss her message telling me her friend got a second ticket.


Well, and he got one.

At some point I didn´t believe that this is actually happening, but as soon as I entered the arena, I felt a flush of “shiit…..this is really happening.”


These moments, as small as they may appear, are priceless. These unexpected things happening to us are a result of believing that you can have it too. And that something out there, call it whatever you want, has actually fun making people go: ”shiit” or “fuuck” ….all in a positive way of course.

I mean why not? Just believe it for no reason but for making life more fun.

And my Muse example shows, how these things usually happen in the most unexpected ways. And sometimes even a year later….

But if the energy you had in the first place (remember how crazy I went the year before?) still exists inside you, the experience will find its way to you, be it tomorrow or in 3 years.

So go ahead, dream, believe it for fun, for the why not, for making life more rich. Or just make a bet with yourself.

And let life surprise you. Whatever comes out eventually.


If you´ll excuse me now, I have to make a bet with myself that I´ll hang out with Leonardo DiCaprio at a private Yacht Party, drinking a good glass of champagne.     Or beer…actually I´d prefer beer with him.



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