I ate a whole chocolate bar.

Yes I did.

And now?


I ate a whole chocolate bar.


Should I ask myself, why?

Yea I could.

But if I´m honest, it doesn´t matter.

Anyhow, it´s any other reason than being hungry.


Maybe I´m not proud of it.

Maybe it will support weight gain.

Maybe I shouldn´t eat anything anymore today.



I could calm my mind, by telling myself, “tomorrow you gonna eat super healthy and you gonna do a really intense work-out”.

I could also freak out my mind, by telling myself, “you are so weak, you will never be able to lose that weight, you are…”, so you go ahead and eat another bar, because…well, you just ate one whole thing. If you are indulging then you might just go for the whole big-cheating-day-thing, turn on your TV and enjoy a date with your third pasta diner, ice cream bowl and for dessert a chocolate bar with crunchy filling.

I could.

Well…what am I going to let my mind decide?


I decide to not decide anything.

I just ate a whole chocolate bar. That´s it. I just continue life. Things happen. Sometimes they are good for us, sometimes not so much. But thoughts can be much more poisonous to our body than a whole chocolate bar. So I rather just leave it with what it is.

I ate a whole chocolate bar.

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