I ate a whole chocolate bar.

Yes I did.

And now?


I ate a whole choco­late bar.


Should I ask myself, why?

Yea I could.

But if I´m hon­est, it doesn´t matter.

Any­how, it´s any oth­er rea­son than being hungry.


Maybe I´m not proud of it.

Maybe it will sup­port weight gain.

Maybe I shouldn´t eat any­thing any­more today.



I could calm my mind, by telling myself, “tomor­row you gonna eat super healthy and you gonna do a real­ly intense work-out”.

I could also freak out my mind, by telling myself, “you are so weak, you will nev­er be able to lose that weight, you are…”, so you go ahead and eat anoth­er bar, because…well, you just ate one whole thing. If you are indulging then you might just go for the whole big-cheat­ing-day-thing, turn on your TV and enjoy a date with your third pas­ta din­er, ice cream bowl and for dessert a choco­late bar with crunchy filling.

I could.

Well…what am I going to let my mind decide?


I decide to not decide anything.

I just ate a whole choco­late bar. That´s it. I just con­tin­ue life. Things hap­pen. Some­times they are good for us, some­times not so much. But thoughts can be much more poi­so­nous to our body than a whole choco­late bar. So I rather just leave it with what it is.

I ate a whole choco­late bar.

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