To all of those who are looking for a job, but actually have no idea what they want

Yes to all of you.

So what?

We have no idea what position to apply for, so we apply for everything that kind of seems interesting and that kind of seems like something we are capable of doing (ok for half of what I applied for I´m not even qualified enough or don´t have enough work experience, but yea…you know…at least it gives me the feeling that I´ve tried).

I´ve stopped counting how many applications I´ve sent out during the last 2 ½ months, but what I do remember is that I had…3,4….yes 5 job interviews, for like 5 completely different positions. As a writer in ad agency, a customer and employee consultant, a travel agent, marketing and sales assistant for a Japanese credit card company, and a receptionist in a boxing gym… yea. I know.

If you are not clear about what you are looking for, this is what comes out. Well, I do know that…but the thing is…I just don´t know! Yes I do have passions and things I enjoy doing, but let´s be a little realistic here… I also need money at some point very soon! Dancing like a fool in my room is not gonna fill my bank account, unfortunately (although I could advertise it as an event, with food and drinks, and…oh a home disco! I could build a little bar and sell the best mojitos! I´d buy huge speakers and amplifier where the sounds and beats immediately brings you in a state of trance…oh, a trance dance party!!

Okey, I better stop here.

Not that there is anything wrong with this idea (ähem, maybe not wrong, but a little out there..) but how am I going to afford those speakers without any of these colorful little papers?

Very interesting question…

The thing is, we might have studied something, something we´ve even enjoyed, but now as we are sitting in front of our computer screen starring at the blank space of a job searching site, where you need to fill in a specific job title.. we´re a little overwhelmed. What exactly can I actually do with my degree? And the problem here is that, we think we know, but we really don´t.

We don´t know if we gonna like or dislike working in the office of a car leasing company 40 hours a week. We can´t know if we enjoy or disenjoy (I know this word doesn´t exist) picking up the phone every 10 minutes and consulting people about their finances.

We just don´t know…..until we´ve actually done it! And sometimes it seems to happen that you enjoy doing pretty much the same work in one company more than in another. There are so many components to it.

If there is at least something about the job that appeals to you, go ahead and find out for yourself. You might even discover a new working field you´re interested in, or you might find out that direct contact with customers is an absolute important aspect for you to feel fulfilled in your job. Collect everything you can about what you like and dislike and over time you have a pretty good picture about what tasks your job should consist of most of the time. Yes most of the time. No job is great all of the time. We have to keep this in mind. The search of the “perfect job” is creating only this: no job.

I don´t even have to question myself right now. I know that I´m looking for “THE job”. Apparently I´d rather have no job, than some kind of shitty job, because you never know if the “THE job” is just around the corner and if you´re not ready and free to catch it…well you´ve missed it! It´s like a bear waiting for that big fish in the river to swim directly in his paws, while ignoring all the other little fishys that are making their turns just around him and are so easy to catch! Little fishys can be tasty as well!

But no… we want that big fish. It can come any time. Just.keep.focusing.on.your.paws.

But that´s exhausting! Just grab two or three of these fucking little fishys, at least you´re occupied and have a somewhat filled stomach.

Nowadays we act this way in so many other areas in our life as well. Take relationships. “No sorry I like you a lot, but I think there is someone better out there for me”, so we either stay alone or keep splitting up, because the big fish (or shall I say muscular fish? For guys imagine a ladyfish with big lips) is just around the corner.

We are constantly looking for the best, because best is the only thing we accept. Why? Because nowadays we are exposed to so many more possibilities and options that make it so much harder to be satisfied with what we have! We literally see what we could have, and honestly…why would anyone settle for less than what he knows he actually could have?

A never ending vicious circle.

But back to the job dilemma. It´s okey to look out for the big fish, but just stay occupied while doing so. And btw…if you don´t practice catching little fishys you might not even be able to catch the big one when it´s actually passing by…




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