can you dance without music?

Can you?

Ever done that before? 

It´s quite inter­est­ing what hap­pens to us when we lis­ten to music.

You can´t see it, you can´t touch it, can´t smell it and still it can lit­er­al­ly change how you feel with­in seconds.

I mean who hasn´t felt a lit­tle more relieved and relaxed after lis­ten­ing to „every lit­tle thing gonna be alright“.. ok lets be hon­est, any bob mar­ley song would do so.
(and yes I know it´s not the title).

And who hasn´t felt like danc­ing like a crazy girl scream­ing back to her friends „you are my danc­ing queeen, young and sweet,…“ and for some rea­son not feel­ing embarassed at all. 

What­ev­er rea­son lies behind the speed of beats, the tem­po or notes… it can change your mood in dif­fer­ent kind of ways.

Try shak­ing your head and jump­ing up and down to Beethoven.

Yea…no…that just doesn´t work.

On the oth­er hand, some peo­ple can even sli­i­ith­ly feel aggres­sive when lis­ten­ing to clas­si­cal music. Or to take it a notch down, some sim­ply dis­con­nect them­selves from that kind of music, because they feel like, nope that´s not me.
They iden­ti­fy them­selves through cer­tain kinds of music, like hard met­al and if they lis­ten to music that goes against the way they per­cieve them­selves (or want to be per­cieved by oth­ers), they can react some­what angry or judge­men­tal in order to pro­tect their identity.

So it´s not only about the pace, the speed or tone of the music. A lot can be traced back to your younger years, what music you were exposed to and how it made you feel at that time.
You might not nec­es­sar­i­ly loved hard rock at first, but it con­nect­ed you with oth­er peo­ple and made you feel like you belong.

Music is a pow­er­ful “tool” to unite and con­nect peo­ple (just like alco­hol does;P joke aside).

But basi­cal­ly cer­tain songs or gen­res are linked with cer­tain emo­tions – pos­i­tive or neg­a­tive ones. 

Like attracts like
Ususal­ly we lis­ten to music because we wan­na feel a cer­tain way.
And we don´t wan­na feel hap­py and upbeat all the time..appearently..

Ever been sad or depressed?

Well what did you feel more drawn to lis­ten to? Prob­a­bly some­thing more Adele or Ed Sheer­an- like (why do I give you exam­ples, that I don´t even lis­ten to when being sad..) Anyway..

Stud­ies have shown that sad music can actu­al­ly make peo­ple feel bet­ter and help them work through emo­tions they are going through.
So it can be a good thing that we feel nat­u­ral­ly drawn to music that rep­re­sents our cur­rent mood.

How music influ­ences our dai­ly actions
It´s quite fas­ci­nat­ing how some invis­i­ble vibra­tions change the vibra­tions with­in our body – and can actu­al­ly change the way we behave.

Ever gone for a run? Or to the gym?
Well….ever expe­ri­enced that moment where you real­ize you for­got your earplugs and now you have to work­out with­out your music?

Yea…you almost wan­na cry and go home.

Music can real­ly moti­vate us, in par­tic­u­lar the faster paced one. It can lit­er­al­ly trick your body to go faster and per­form stronger. Which, when you think about it, kind of means that you already are that strong..
you just need­ed some out­er help to make that happen.

And that makes me wonder….do we rely to a cer­tain degree on out­er forces to help us change into becom­ing the per­son we want to be?

That´s dif­fi­cult to answer, since there is a cheesy say­ing that goes like: „every­t­ing is already inside you“, or some­thing like that.

While that might be true, per­haps we do need a catalysator to start the engine.

Just like falling in love can act as an catalysator to become a bet­ter per­son (in the begin­ning at least;).

Well same goes for music! It releas­es the same feel-good hor­mone as it does when you are in love – oh yes, it´s you dear oxytocin.

Music can even cre­ate peak emo­tions, which increas­es the amount of dopamine in your body. That´s why you some­times feel so pumped up to one par­tic­u­lar song — mix it with danc­ing and you could embrace the whole world. 

So yes, music does a lot to us.

It helps cre­ate our per­son­al iden­ti­ty.
It con­nects us with oth­er peo­ple.
It helps us per­form bet­ter in life, be it for more focus and con­cen­tra­tion in a task, work­ing out or sim­ply to release stress.
It can evoke our emo­tions like grief, anger, resent­ment, even the ones we didn´t know were there and can help us process them on a deep and sub­con­scious lev­el.
And it can sim­ply make you feel like you are drunk on a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent level.

Music has an immense pow­er over our feel­ings.
And feel­ings dri­ve our behav­iours.

So why not drink that good-feel­ing cock­tail more often, be it by play­ing an instru­ment, going to con­certs, club­bing, or sim­ply by press­ing play..

We all need help from out­side sources to spark that per­son that waits for us to be released.
Good that we have a nev­er-end­ing pool of songs to pick in any giv­en moment.

And if not.. 



..there is always singing…


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