can you dance without music?

Can you?

Ever done that before?

It´s quite interesting what happens to us when we listen to music.

You can´t see it, you can´t touch it, can´t smell it and still it can literally change how you feel within seconds.

I mean who hasn´t felt a little more relieved and relaxed after listening to „every little thing gonna be alright“.. ok lets be honest, any bob marley song would do so.
(and yes I know it´s not the title).

And who hasn´t felt like dancing like a crazy girl screaming back to her friends „you are my dancing queeen, young and sweet,…“ and for some reason not feeling embarassed at all.

Whatever reason lies behind the speed of beats, the tempo or notes… it can change your mood in different kind of ways.

Try shaking your head and jumping up and down to Beethoven.

Yea…no…that just doesn´t work.

On the other hand, some people can even sliiithly feel aggressive when listening to classical music. Or to take it a notch down, some simply disconnect themselves from that kind of music, because they feel like, nope that´s not me.
They identify themselves through certain kinds of music, like hard metal and if they listen to music that goes against the way they percieve themselves (or want to be percieved by others), they can react somewhat angry or judgemental in order to protect their identity.

So it´s not only about the pace, the speed or tone of the music. A lot can be traced back to your younger years, what music you were exposed to and how it made you feel at that time.
You might not necessarily loved hard rock at first, but it connected you with other people and made you feel like you belong.

Music is a powerful “tool” to unite and connect people (just like alcohol does;P joke aside).

But basically certain songs or genres are linked with certain emotions – positive or negative ones.

Like attracts like
Ususally we listen to music because we wanna feel a certain way.
And we don´t wanna feel happy and upbeat all the time..appearently..

Ever been sad or depressed?

Well what did you feel more drawn to listen to? Probably something more Adele or Ed Sheeran- like (why do I give you examples, that I don´t even listen to when being sad..) Anyway..

Studies have shown that sad music can actually make people feel better and help them work through emotions they are going through.
So it can be a good thing that we feel naturally drawn to music that represents our current mood.

How music influences our daily actions
It´s quite fascinating how some invisible vibrations change the vibrations within our body – and can actually change the way we behave.

Ever gone for a run? Or to the gym?
Well….ever experienced that moment where you realize you forgot your earplugs and now you have to workout without your music?

Yea…you almost wanna cry and go home.

Music can really motivate us, in particular the faster paced one. It can literally trick your body to go faster and perform stronger. Which, when you think about it, kind of means that you already are that strong..
you just needed some outer help to make that happen.

And that makes me wonder….do we rely to a certain degree on outer forces to help us change into becoming the person we want to be?

That´s difficult to answer, since there is a cheesy saying that goes like: „everyting is already inside you“, or something like that.

While that might be true, perhaps we do need a catalysator to start the engine.

Just like falling in love can act as an catalysator to become a better person (in the beginning at least;).

Well same goes for music! It releases the same feel-good hormone as it does when you are in love – oh yes, it´s you dear oxytocin.

Music can even create peak emotions, which increases the amount of dopamine in your body. That´s why you sometimes feel so pumped up to one particular song – mix it with dancing and you could embrace the whole world.

So yes, music does a lot to us.

It helps create our personal identity.
It connects us with other people.
It helps us perform better in life, be it for more focus and concentration in a task, working out or simply to release stress.
It can evoke our emotions like grief, anger, resentment, even the ones we didn´t know were there and can help us process them on a deep and subconscious level.
And it can simply make you feel like you are drunk on a completely different level.

Music has an immense power over our feelings.
And feelings drive our behaviours.

So why not drink that good-feeling cocktail more often, be it by playing an instrument, going to concerts, clubbing, or simply by pressing play..

We all need help from outside sources to spark that person that waits for us to be released.
Good that we have a never-ending pool of songs to pick in any given moment.

And if not..



..there is always singing…


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