how to avoid GoT-Spoilers

Have you watched the last episode?

No worries I won´t be able to ruin your anticipation, cos I haven´t either.

so.. *NOspoileralert here.

If you are one of those people that still need to catch up the last few episodes,
or that still need to watch the last entire season (me),
or that haven´t watched the whole entire series…

Now that the whole Game of Thrones obsession has reached its peak….

..we people who wander around with no knowledge about who died, who won and who kissed who, have to watch out even more, so that we don´t run into any spoilers that are hidden behind every insta-story, article or people chatting..

Well I didn´t think about being „careful“ at all…. until…

I got trapped when a stranger next to me started talking about how it all ended and me then trying to become deaf.

You could try to run away or cover your ears, however in my situation both were kind of either not possible or just fuckin hard to do.

I mean, really..never would I expect the need to protect myself from GoT-spoilers in a gym. really not.

People don´t talk there. people listen to music and workout! (or at least pretend to).

But..that´s not where I got trapped..

yup it was in the locker room.

While I was just about to jump into the shower, this girl started talking with someone on her phone and at some point the words Game of Thrones crossed her mouth and how she can´t quite comprehend the last episode and how this one character [bleep]…

I was like fuck, she is actually putting it all out there, does she not know there are people here?!

Since there was a wall locker between us I couldn´t give her some of my „stop-the-fuck-talking facial signs“ so all I tried to do (with emphasis on try..) was to cover my left ear with one hand while getting undressed with the other, which was nearly impossible because at the same time I tried to cover my right ear with my shoulder, soo.. yea.

I then quickly sprinted into the shower and switched on the showerhead so strong that the water splashing and my humming would drown out any spoilers coming through.

I should have stayed in there longer, cos when I came back I still needed to protect my ears from words entering my brain.

(Thank god this whole scenario was not captured by a large audience there..)

Well, at some point I got a green light and made it out still completely clueless. EXCEPT of:

noo I´m joking.. I´m not as mean as that girl.
(plus I don´t know anything anyway).

So and now? How to actually avoid GoT-spoilers you wonder?

After this incident I came to the conclusion..there is only one way..

..go watch them.

And to all people who know the ending… don´t want to mess with a person who just got spoilert because of your unmercyness.

(yes, I´m fully aware that this sentence is highly incorrect. thx).

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