how to avoid GoT-Spoilers

Have you watched the last episode? 

No wor­ries I won´t be able to ruin your antic­i­pa­tion, cos I haven´t either.

so.. *NOspoil­eralert here.

If you are one of those peo­ple that still need to catch up the last few episodes,
or that still need to watch the last entire sea­son (me),
or that haven´t watched the whole entire series…

Now that the whole Game of Thrones obses­sion has reached its peak.…

..we peo­ple who wan­der around with no knowl­edge about who died, who won and who kissed who, have to watch out even more, so that we don´t run into any spoil­ers that are hid­den behind every ins­ta-sto­ry, arti­cle or peo­ple chatting..

Well I didn´t think about being „care­ful“ at all…. until…

I got trapped when a stranger next to me start­ed talk­ing about how it all end­ed and me then try­ing to become deaf.

You could try to run away or cov­er your ears, how­ev­er in my sit­u­a­tion both were kind of either not pos­si­ble or just fuckin hard to do.

I mean, really..never would I expect the need to pro­tect myself from GoT-spoil­ers in a gym. real­ly not.

Peo­ple don´t talk there. peo­ple lis­ten to music and work­out! (or at least pre­tend to).

But..that´s not where I got trapped..

yup it was in the lock­er room. 

While I was just about to jump into the show­er, this girl start­ed talk­ing with some­one on her phone and at some point the words Game of Thrones crossed her mouth and how she can´t quite com­pre­hend the last episode and how this one char­ac­ter [bleep]…

I was like fuck, she is actu­al­ly putting it all out there, does she not know there are peo­ple here?!

Since there was a wall lock­er between us I couldn´t give her some of my „stop-the-fuck-talk­ing facial signs“ so all I tried to do (with empha­sis on try..) was to cov­er my left ear with one hand while get­ting undressed with the oth­er, which was near­ly impos­si­ble because at the same time I tried to cov­er my right ear with my shoul­der, soo.. yea.

I then quick­ly sprint­ed into the show­er and switched on the show­er­head so strong that the water splash­ing and my hum­ming would drown out any spoil­ers com­ing through.

I should have stayed in there longer, cos when I came back I still need­ed to pro­tect my ears from words enter­ing my brain.

(Thank god this whole sce­nario was not cap­tured by a large audi­ence there..)

Well, at some point I got a green light and made it out still com­plete­ly clue­less. EXCEPT of:

noo I´m jok­ing.. I´m not as mean as that girl.
(plus I don´t know any­thing anyway).

So and now? How to actu­al­ly avoid GoT-spoil­ers you wonder?

After this inci­dent I came to the conclusion..there is only one way..

..go watch them.

And to all peo­ple who know the ending… don´t want to mess with a per­son who just got spoil­ert because of your unmercyness.

(yes, I´m ful­ly aware that this sen­tence is high­ly incor­rect. thx).

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