What do you do while eating?

Sit down with your plate on your table, smell and taste all the nuances of your food, take one bite at a time, chew slowly and really enjoy this whole process?

Yea right.

Thank god we have so many distractions handy so we don´t actually have to go through that.

Our brain doesn´t want to sit still and basically do nothing.
– Especially when it´s used to get fed by constant stimulus through our mobile devices…all the time.

Even while eating. Even during a coffee date with a friend (which is more than sad). But even sitting in the train and simply looking outside the window (or reading a book god forbid!), is smth you hardly see anymore.

This past weekend my little cousin who´s 16 years old (and has no social media by choice) told me how he has difficulty interacting with his schoolmates or people his age in general.
They are CONSTANTLY on their phone he said and it seems that he´s bestfriend´s girlfriend has a deeper relationship with her instagram account than with the guy she´s with.

I think we really underestimate how teens nowadays are effected by these technological changes, particularly in the past decade.

But we all can relate to some degree…

A time gap in your day?
You reach to your phone.

Don´t wanna deal with your to-do list right now?
Oh why not check your emails one more time.

Actually planned on going to the gym?
Just one more scroll over instagram.

Feeling stuck with a difficult task?
Yep, take your break and make sure you are updated on aall your favourite web pages. For the 8th time of your day.

We all know that feeling when we spent too much time on the internet when actually all we did is procrastinating.
And although nowadays we have more options and more opportunities to learn new things, meet new people and go on crazy adventures – basically to just DO stuff… seems like we waste more time than ever.

The evolution of technology has brought us to a point where we actually need to force ourselves to take a step back – before we get so consumed, that living like a human machine becomes a norm.
(And who knows how the future will look like…“some people“ out there are perhaps slowly adapting us to that reality..).

And since all these apps and social media channels play around with our psychology, it´s hard to resist their temptation.

They control our emotions aka US. Through a small screen.

Any time we pick up our phone we get a small rush of dopamine. Something new, exciting and unpredictable is always around the corner and that anticipation makes us want it more.
Social Media, cigarettes, alcohol, food, drugs, COFFEE bla bla bla – Anything that releases one or both of these two chemicals, dopamine and oxytocin, has the power over how we feel and act.

They are truly a blessing and curse at the same time.


Knowing that, you can make it to your advantage.
Or disadvantage.

Like I said before, we need to put an extra effort into not letting these devices consume us too much, otherwise it gets harder and harder to disengage, even for a couple of hours.

Because one day, who knows, your body confuses real human connection with grabbing your phone and klicking and swiping and texting in order to satisfy this human need.
And in this process we slowly forget what living a human life actually feels like.

Just like we don´t know the real taste of an apple anymore.

So yea…being more „connected“ than ever leads to losing connection to ourselves and others and we are not even aware of it.

Now what?

Seems like the solution lies in the opposite:

disconnect in order to connect.

Practise how being connected (to yourself and others) actually feels like. And do that more often.

Start by leaving all tech devices aside while eating and actually connect with the food on your plate.

If you are not used to it..

..your body will probably be veeery confused and perceive it as feeling disconnected.

When in fact, detaching is the first step to re-connection.

So go…connect with your broccoli.

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