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Why do I buy peanut butter?

I know I´ll eat it like I haven´t eat­en in days,
I know I´ll spoon the fuck out of it, as if I had my first taste each time,
I know its thick deli­cious creamy pres­ence will trig­ger a need in me that didn´t even exist before,
And I know I shouldn´t check its calo­ries per 100g, cos they will be trans­fered inside of me anyway.

So why,

tell me why,

do I then buy a thing, I know won´t last longer than two days. 

Peanuts are mean.
A small pea, that goes nuts is what you are.
Yes you, you are pee and you are nuts. That com­bi­na­tion can nev­er taste good.

So why,
please tell me why,
do you then taste like I just had an orgasm in my mouth.

You are not too sweet, with a hintch of salt,
mak­ing me crave you more while not mak­ing me feel sick.
Awe­some. A recipe for disease.

I get it,
you are a but­ter.
Who can resist butter.

I know I can´t,
I even put but­ter under a lay­er of peanut but­ter on my bread.

Yes you but­ter,
you thick deli­cioius creamy peace of heav­en.
You make any meal worth to eat,
and any diet fail.

But I´ll tell you this,
and don´t tell anyone…

your friend peanut?

It´s over!



I´ll nev­er buy you again!


I wan­na bake,
like choco­late peanut but­ter brown­ies,
and share them,
on some­ones birthday.


and only then!
Will I ever get my tongue on you again!

That´s all from me.

And don´t call me crazy,

I just went a lit­tle nuts…

because for today, I turned into one.

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